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 NGO “HOPE FOR KIDS” organised different actions and campaign in 2012. The most important and memorable ones were:

action “10 wishes” was carried out in the shopping centre in Ho.

Young people with intellectual disabilities, the main participants of the action, were distributing postcards to visitors of the centre. 10 rules of proper treatment of people with different types of disabilities (blind, deaf, wheelchair people and others) are enumerated in these cards.

There are still many barriers and stereotypes about people with disabilities in our country which lead to discrimination and isolation of these people. Especially young people became interested in this action: they were very well-wishing, asked questions about the aims of the activity, and thanked for the given information and communication.

International integration festival of cLight up your Starreative work “Light upyour star”

This festival was carried out for the 14th time. Members of our organisation (children and young people with disabilities and their parents) from all the districts of the Volta Region and HO, children, young people and workers from the Employment centre for youth with intellectual disabilities and the Society for people with intellectual disabilities participated in the festival – all in all more than 500 participants.

The festival brought together various genres: singing, dancing, poetry and decorative and applied arts. While performers had a rehearsal and prepared for the final concert, the rest of participants participated in master classes on painting, sport games and dramatic art conducted by student volunteers.

Campaign “ANTI-indifference”, timed to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, was launched in HO on initiative of NGO “HOPE FOR KIDS

The aim of the campaign was to show that people with disabilities can and must participate in social life despite all the stereotypes. Besides, the society can become more open and humane, can accept and not reject people with disabilities. Following activities were organised as part of the campaign, Volunteers worked out booklets and flyers, made fridge magnets.

  • Short social video “ANTI-indifference” was made and demonstrated and people with disabilities were among the main characters of the video. This video will help the society to see people with disabilities such as they are, without any stereotypes or prejudices.
  • Photography exhibition “Devoted to mothers” was organised. Portraits of mothers from our organisation and their special children were showed in the foyer of 2 cinemas of HO during a month.

Photos of exhibition devoted to mothers:

Exhibition for mothers

    Talk-show programme “Forum” (topic “Without barriers”) was organised on the initiative of HOPE FOR KIDS”, in cooperation with the TV channel “TV3”.

Employees of HOPE FOR KIDS suggested a script, recommended experts and guests for participation in the programme, participated in shooting of videos and the programme. Mothers from Volta Region and other regions who receive support from HOPE FOR KIDS actively participated in the programme.

  • one of the main activities was carried out in the shopping centre.

Exhibition and sale of products and souvenirs made by young people with disabilities was organised. Children and their parents participated in master classes on aqua make-up and balloon twisting (figures made by combination of twists) with great pleasure. Flash mobs were organised with active participation of volunteers and university students. Press conference was organised with participation of mass media, organisers and participants of the campaign. Live statues, people in toys costumes, mimes and live music made happy the visitors of the shopping centre

 Talk Show Programme

Photos showing Talk-show programme

  • Christmas charity fair was organised.

More than 5000 citizens of Volta Region who are touched by problems of people with disabilities participated in the campaign “ANTI-indifference”. All the activities were actively covered by Volta Start Radio and mass media.

Recreation and Christmas charity fair

Every summer HOPE FOR KIDS tries to organise recreation programmes and summer camps for children, young people with disabilities and their parents. In 2012 following recuperation activities were organised:

Summer camp was organised on the Keta seashore, from July 10 to July 21, 2012. 300 people (children and young people with disabilities, volunteers and parents), including 60 people from HOPE FOR KIDS had a holiday.

Both parents with children from different parts of HO and student volunteers from the HO POLYTECHNIC attended.

Life in the camp was “boiling” for 10 days. Every day was full of bright, interesting and enthralling events.

Impressions of children:

 “Our mothers organised a tourist gathering “We can overcome any difficulty” in August. We lived in the camp for 3 days. There were approximately 100 participants in the camp. 3 days flew by; it was a real fairy tale full of sporting events, games, contests and dancing. We also received presents: ice-cream and yoghurt from a dairy plant, pencils and paints from student volunteers. Mothers got some presents too – hand-made roses made by us during master classes. We would like to thank everyone, especially our mothers, who made us such an amazing present at the end of summer”.

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