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Talk Show Programme“Development of models of social assistance to families which look after children with disabilities in the Republic of Belarus”


To improve social assistance to families which look after children with disabilities in the the Volta Region by means of educating them and empowering them, providing education and  skills training for these young children

Main activities in 2012

  • experience was generalised; documentation which regulates conditions of organisation and provision of literacy classes and skills training was worked out;
  • Classroom block was identified which is awaiting to be equipped, up to 10 children per class;
  • In negotiation with specialists and volunteers which we’ve identified these volunteers would be trained to provide training, Vocational skills and literacy to these children and their parents.
  • Educated 300 women of child bearing age about Polio and effects on drug usage whilst pregnant.
  • Provided educational leaflets which highlights the need to view disable people and children with different perception, as normal children.

The project is still being successfully realized with both parents and children like it.

Project “Life of Dignity”

 In cooperation with the local community and their support.


To expand the possibilities for improvement of the quality of life of disabled children and young people in the Volta Region-Ho, through dissemination and introduction of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities


Objective 1. To disseminate the ideas of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities among the people of the village community.

Objective 2. To improve social participation (inclusion) of children and young people with disabilities in the society.

Objective 3. To promote organisation of independent living for young people with disabilities and accessible facilities like crutches, wheel chairs and other equipments that would help make their lives easy.

Main activities

– consultations to other organisations and parents provided by project staff;

– publication of informational materials about the Convention, brochures and informational bulletins; making video films; coverage of project activities in mass media;

– activities to raise the awareness of people about realization of rights of children and young people with disabilities;

– study visit to Europe and US for representatives of local authorities and state bodies for more exposure and to learn new ideas of working with children with disability.

– round tables, trainings and seminars with participation of member organisations, representatives of local authorities and ministries

Project “Close cooperation – the key to improvement of quality of life for people with disabilities”

 In cooperation with the Local community and families of the disable children;

 Overall objective

To increase opportunities for inclusion of people with mental disabilities, their parents, legal carers, family members into society through the strengthening of institutional cross-township cooperation between the Volta Region and Eastern Region.

Specific objectives

1. Psychosocial rehabilitation of people with mental disabilities and their family members.

2. Creation of atmosphere of equal opportunities through the organization of festivals and civil actions for people with mental disabilities.

3. Raising qualification skills of specialists and competence of parents by sharing experience and knowledge.

4. Involvement of people with disabilities into decision-making process.

Main activities:

– Summer camp in central capital of  Ghana (city),Various activities are planned during the camp session: leisure-time activities, trainings in groups, family support groups, consultation to families, artistic performances during the plain air and evening recreation events;

– festival “Light up your star”;

– civil action “Support human dignity”;

– 4 workshops organised in venue to be decided

Project “First steps towards work”


To improve the quality of life of young people with disabilities; to develop new approaches to integrate young people with disabilities into open market by means of support provided to them in the process of employment.


  1. To lobby innovative approaches regarding employment of young people with disabilities;
  2. To develop and test a model of supported employment of people with disabilities;
  3. To help people with disabilities to participate in work of unitary enterprises of NGO “HOPE FOR KIDS” and other social enterprises which work with this target group.

44 people with disabilities turned to the project workers during a year.

Personal records were made about every youngster; e-database of all the clients was created. 19 people were employed; each of them underwent special training. Training officer delivered lectures about safety measures at the workplace, orientation in the city and about business clothing.

Those youngsters who were employed were receiving support at the workplace during first 4 months.

Search for clients and employers was made by means of Internet, newspapers and magazines. Monitoring of vacancies was carried out. Information about the project was constantly updated in social networks “Facebook”, as well as on the web site of NGO.

Aims, objectives and activities of the project were widely advertised in mass media.


In 2012 NGO “HOPE FOR KIDS” developed and sent to the competent state authorities a number of proposals for development of legislation which regulates the legal status of people with disabilities. The most important proposals include:

  • In the area of labour and employment of people with disabilities

Proposals for introduction of supported employment and sheltered employment, including opening of specialized workshops and introduction of new social service – assistance in employment – for people with disabilities. These proposals were presented at a meeting of the Volta Regional  Council on Problems of People with Disabilities.

NGO “HOPE FOR KIDS” participated in the activities of Working group on employment of people with disabilities organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, our proposals for motivating companies to hire people with disabilities were included in the final document of the Working group and sent to the competent state authorities.

  • In the area of social services for people with disabilities

NGO “HOPE FOR KIDS” actively works to promote new social services for people with disabilities – supported skills training. Concept for introduction of supported living in Volta Region developed by NGO “HOPE FOR KIDS” was presented at a meeting of the Council on Problems of People with Disabilities.

  • In the area of social support for children with disabilities and their families

NGO “HOPE FOR KIDS” cooperates with the Parliament and submitted to the Parliamentary Committee for Labour and Social Protection proposals for improvement of cooperation between сentres of corrective and developing education and rehabilitation and day-stay centres for people with disabilities, for improvement of mechanism of sending children to health resorts.

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